Embodied Presence

Let’s explore the ways individual healing and collective liberation are the same.

Stay Small or Stay Generous?

Scanning the coffeeshop for somewhere to sit, my gaze caught on a undergrad woman sitting in the corner. She was mainly working on one table, with her bag spilling over, taking up a second. My first reaction was disgust. Why would you do that in a busy coffee shop? Rude. My second reaction was: Nah…

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Keep Mind in That

A dear friend and I have started sharing three positive affirmations about ourselves each day. We call it “The Game” and if you thought of a different game, yes, you lose. Anyways, we use the sentence structure: Name is ________. Nicole is getting better at kind boundaries. Nicole is playful. Nicole is able to show…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Nicole! MA, (she/her & they/them). I’m a biracial genderqueer person working to bring a lens of embodiment and mindfulness to (non)violence and community connection.

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