Is this counseling or therapy?

No, but the confusion is understandable. Like counseling, we are interested in helping you improve your relationships, but we are not trained in psychotherapy or social work. Rather, we both hold MAs in Communication and have years of hands-on experience with teaching, coaching, and researching communication-related concepts and problems. 

Additionally, our focus tends to be broader than therapy or counseling. We work with community groups and companies as well as individuals to enhance specific communication-related goals.

What does “communication” mean in this context?

Communication obviously encompasses things like the way we talk and the words we use in emails and texts. However, communication is also broader than just words and language.

We provide information, insights, and coaching around language as needed, but we also focus on bigger communication concepts like how we co-construct reality, perceptions and expectations, intentions and outcomes, media content, and more.

How is RAD Talk different?

RAD Talk offers data-backed, theory-driven perspective that translates contemporary academic thinking into pragmatic, daily practice. We aren’t life coaches or counselors, but rather analysts who will apply our researcher backgrounds to the problems and questions you bring to us.

What kinds of clients do you serve?

We have two main branches of clients: community/corporate and interpersonal.

For community and corporate clients, we provide workshops, trainings, and coaching around diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as offer communication consultations and reviews. 

For interpersonal clients, we work one-on-one with individuals seeking more authentic connections with their loved ones.

Do you offer customized workshops?

Yes, happily! Both Nicole and Elyse have extensive experience with designing workshops tailored to a particular need or question. Please feel free to ask!

What if I want a workshop that is not exactly your expertise?

Reach out anyways! We have a large network of relationships with experts in related and extended fields, and would be happy to provide introductions or assist in scheduling.

I’m not sure I’m looking for is something you offer?

Reach out! We offer free 45-minute consultations to see if we can fit your needs.

How do I schedule a consultation?

Reach out at connect@RADtalk.org or using the Contact page on this website. We respond to all emails within 24 hours during the business week.

What can I expect from a consultation?

It’s a zoom meeting or phone call, lasting about 45 minutes. The goal is to get to know each other. We take the lead on questions and guiding the conversation, so that we can assess how well our services fit your needs. You’ll leave knowing us better and having a clear sense of actionable next steps and offerings that RAD Talk provides.

Are you a nonprofit or charity?

Nope! We understand that “.org” websites are often associated with nonprofits and charities, and we’re not trying to trick you—the honest truth is the “.com” domain for Rad Talk wasn’t available and “.org” was. This is our job, and we use the money we make from RAD Talk to keep the lights on and feed Comrade, Kitten, and Ryka, our very beloved fur babies. However, as RAD Talk grows, our dream is to see as much of the money we make as possible reinvested into communities we care about in order to advance a non-capitalist vision of social justice.

How’d you get started?

Nicole and Elyse met during their undergraduate years, but didn’t reconnect until they coincidentally ended up in the same graduate school program years later and halfway across the country. After earning their MAs in Communication, they both moved on to doctoral programs at different institutions. However, after a few years of grinding through the doctoral requirements, both realized academia was not the right fit for their goals and needs.

Why not stay in higher education or work for a university?

Honestly? We both felt miserable pursuing our PhDs. Being a graduate student is exhausting and, often, degrading. We both left the academic system with a deep love for teaching and learning, but no particular desire to continue to put ourselves through a system that was ruining our health when the degree at the end of the tunnel wouldn’t even be that much of a help to us in achieving our goals. Upon realizing we wanted to take RAD Talk from dream to reality, we washed our hands of what wasn’t serving our goals, and plunged into what was.

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