Meet the Analysts

Nicole T. Castro is a Relational Analyst who specializes in relationship authenticity & social justice connections. Nicole integrates mindfulness traditions, communication theories, and decades of reflective experience.

As a teacher, activist, and intuitive guide, Nicole has helped over 1,680 people transform their communication skills and thrive in relationships. Nicole has her Masters in Communication from the University of Colorado, Boulder where she focused on Social Justice and Conflict. She taught in undergraduate universities for over 6 years, specializing in interpersonal relationships and community dynamics.

Nicole’s areas of expertise include everyday consent, embodied learning, and facilitation dynamics. She designs and facilitates spaces where participants explore embodied wisdom, amplify their inherent assets, and realize the resource of their own intuition. Nicole invites everyone to join her path: to heal relationships, foster authentic interconnection, and restore dignity to all.

Elyse Janish is a Relational Analyst with a MA in Communication from Syracuse University. She designed and taught a variety of university classes at the University of Colorado Boulder for six years, where she also earned ABD status in the Department of Communication.

Elyse has designed, completed, and published academic papers on several self-led research projects. Her areas of expertise include gender and sexuality, media analysis with a focus on video games, and community communication norms. She is an accomplished teacher and lecturer, and has organized a variety of events designed to advance the causes of social justice in her workplace and community at large.

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