Our Philosophy

RAD Talk invites people to wake up together. To rewrite personal narratives of possibility. To imagine more satisfying relationships — across family, partners, and communities — where needs and wants get met. 

RAD Talk offers interpersonal tools and skills that allow clients to increase access to intuition. We demonstrate the power of vulnerability, valued as an opportunity for connection, growth, and liberation. 

We integrate practical communication solutions with mindfulness techniques that prioritize the difficult work of speaking your truth kindly. 

Revolutionaries show up at the table physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained. RAD Talk helps individuals and organizations sustain the marathon of collaboration. We facilitate the necessary introspection of internalized colonial logics, sexism, and punishment models of consequence. 

Our Collective Liberation Curriculum invites participants to draw on their embodied wisdom in order to deconstruct social concepts that channel our behavior and ultimately damage professional and personal relationships. Instead, RAD Talk transforms co-dependence into interdependence, fostering healthy relationships that restore dignity to all. In this way, communities are able to awaken, revive, and flourish through their own internal goodness and strength.

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