At the Feminist Geography Conference, Nicole leads the workshop Expanding our Embodied Resilience: Feminists Embracing Difficult Conversations Across Diversity of Race, Gender, and Other Identities.

Our happy clients say it best.

On Connection:

RAD Talk Analysts are once highly honest, and highly empathetic, and have the incredible gift of communicating truths directly in a way that also communicates love, support, and understanding.

J. Sprout

when I think of Nicole the first word that comes to mind is ‘open.’ Nicole is ‘open’ in the sense that she seems to be constantly reacting to, and interacting with, the world around her.

Even in the most light-hearted conversation, Nicole not only makes one feel heard, she also makes herself heard. She has a knack for maintaining this particularly difficult type of conversational balance.

D. Boromisza-Habashi, Professor

I remember one of my earliest times spending time with Nicole. For weeks I had been struggling on my own to process a recent experience of trauma I’d had, and suddenly I realized that I felt totally secure in her presence.

I felt like I could trust her.

I shared my experience with her, and she responded with empathy, affirmation, and understanding. Her support in that moment was exactly what I needed, and it helped me to process my experience in a constructive and healing way.

When it comes down it, that is perhaps the crux of Nicole’s approach to communication: healing.

She communicates safety not to try to ignore or avoid the difficult parts of life, but to create a healthy space in which to confront and navigate them. Anyone in search of such a space would do well to meet her.

A. Lauver, Author & Artist

On Custom Curriculum:

Before working with RAD Talk, my training project about harassment/ sexual harassment felt like a great idea with some “bones” but lacked “meat.” I started with online resources – articles, studies, anecdotes, trial and error advice, and so on. In addition to all the time it took to weed through the good resources from the bad, the problem was that none of it went deep or specific enough.

After talking with Nicole, I now have tools and actionable training that is specific to our team. Nicole is an excellent listener and strives genuinely to bring professional advice to the table. I felt our team’s strengths, weaknesses, and needs were heard. As a result, our training methods are now customized to focus on what we need to do to improve. I am looking forward to our results!

RAD Talk is an exceptional resource who I would recommend to those looking to build or improve their program. 

Anonymous, Training Designer for Industrial Processing

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